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With an ever increasing need for computerized systems to manage different aspects of modern businesses which human fail to carryout efficiently with manual dexterity, Mereb has adopted a mission to deliver top-notch quality ICT based solutions, taking into consideration your specific needs to design an efficiently tailored system to manage your organizations.


Computer technology is evolving to a great extent that today, in the 21st century, no business can operate competitively without it. Different software is being developed everyday to help businesses achieve their goals expeditiously. And in this area of expertise, we are brave enough to say none can provide what we offer you here


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Arba Minch University Student Management Information System  

Arba Minch University Student Management Information System and Warehouse and Inventory Management Information System.
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Domain name registration,
and web hosting with three
ready-made packages or
with a discretion to get a
custom-made service
& add-on services.

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Our goal is not only to deliver high quality products, but also our greatest interest lies in after-sales services to keep our systems at the highest possible performance so that they always meet the client's satisfaction.

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